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We have seen mold. Been a victim and we know ways to prevent this very harmful problem. Mold, the fungis that can damage not only your home, but your family and health. Prevention is the best way to handle this corrupting problem. We know what mold can do and believe by helping people prevent this, then we have given good advice to stop this horrible spreading nusiance. Experts have help us and now here are tips they have given to help you.

* Humidity Oh, its so hard in Southwest Florida to control this, but it is achievable. Mold just loves moisture, a common source is growth in the bathroom. While you are taking a shower or having a luxurious bath run the exhaust fan. If you don’t want to hear the noise the fan gives, then run it after for 20 minutes or so to pull the moisture out.

*Bleach Bleach is a handy tool combating against mold. This is a home rememndy to fighting the smaller areas of mold before it becomes a major problem.

*Prevention Where it starts usually is from aging roofs, leaky faucets, leaking water heaters, even an A/C problem. The water can spread throughout walls, ceilings, your attic, as well as under the floors. Homeowners generally don’t know it’s occuring until it’s too late, and now the mold becomes the beast. Make sure you have properly running pipes, roofs that are maintained, and if you see water it is time to do a thorough accessment of the home. Get up in that attic and check as well.

*Dust Who would think dust can contribute to the mold? Dust can feed the beast, and help spread the epidemic. Household cleaning is essential.

*Seal and Paint If you have mold, take the steps to dehumitify, fix the problem and bleach the walls. Then, it is time to call on your painters or contractors to recommmend the sealing and painting of the treated area. They are great resources to finally rid the area of spores and problems. Being a victim of mold is a growing concern for everyone, because of the many health problems that arise. Get a grip on it and make sure you are not a casualty to this pesky beast.

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Posted by: Malt Realty and Development on February 16, 2012