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Franklin Arms Improvements

Malt Realty is happy to announce that the new owners of the Franklin Arms Building, NRES Franklin Arms Building LLC,  is providing exterior maintenance upgrades to this historic building.  A true landmark for the City of Fort Myers we are fortunate to have owners who recognize the value of this asset.  The improvements to the exterior will provide a sparkling new “face lift”, required due to many years of deferred maintenance by the previous owner.

Malt Construction will be performing maintenance upgrades to the site which will occur over the next several months.  A summary of the projects include the following:

Exterior Window/Door Repairs – All of the exterior window and doors (approx. 90 windows & 5 sets of doors) within the three story structure, 2320/2310 First Street, will be inspected.  Repairs to existing windows/doors will include replacing several wood rotted areas, caulking and painting.  If conditions require replacement, a replica of the existing window/door will be installed.  The subcontractor performing the waterproofing, J&B Painting/Waterproofing, will apply for a right away permit in order to scaffold over the sidewalk areas to access several windows.  This work will be performed over the next 60 days.

Exterior Site Improvements – Exterior landscaping on the perimeter of the building will be trimmed and may be replaced.  Repairs to adjacent courtyard/fountain area tiles, concrete deck and lighting will be performed. These improvements are scheduled over the next 60 days.  

We are pleased to be a part of this project,  the improvements will greatly help to preserve this historical building.

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Posted by: rositadlpz on September 4, 2013