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Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Organized on the Run

For all the use it gets in most of our homes, we don’t always have time to keep a clean kitchen. When we’re in a rush, cleaning can get relegated to the bottom of the to-do list.

You don’t have to invest hours in scrubbing to keep your kitchen clean and organized, however. In fact, we’ve got some streamlined tips that will help you get there in record time.

Read on for kitchen cleaning tips you can carry out in an instant.

Get organized
One thing that will help cut clean-up time is to be organized before you start cooking.That process begins with cleaning out your pantry, removing old items and placing like ingredients together. When you know exactly what you have and where it goes, prep time goes even faster. And once the meal is cooking, you’ll have a much easier time putting everything back where it belongs, rather than shoving items onto a too-full shelf.

Baskets and bins are a great place to store boxes and bags of food. If you don’t have an actual pantry or adequate cupboard space to comfortably store all your food, consider placing baskets and bins on open shelves in the kitchen itself. Your ingredients will be within easy reach and just as easy to put away.

Clean as you go
One of the cornerstones of keeping a clean kitchen on the run is to tidy up as you work. When you finish chopping, for example, clean the cutting board and knife right away. The same goes for the salad spinner, the blender or food processor — whichever tools you use the most. By the time you’re done with the prep work, most of your cleaning should be finished, too. And while your meal is bubbling on the stove top or in the oven, you can wipe down the counters, clean the sink and sweep/vacuum/spot clean the floor.  By the time the post-meal dishes are done, a cursory wipe-down of all surfaces should leave you with a shiny kitchen.

Deeper cleaning in a hurry
Removing built-up grime in the kitchen is one thing that can slow us down when it comes to occasional deep-cleaning. To make even a thorough once-over relatively pain-free, mark your calendar every two weeks (consider a weeknight when you may not have any plans) to replace your clean-as-you-cook routine with an efficient, targeted attack on cupboard fronts, parts of your stovetop that haven’t had enough attention and behind your sink faucet. You would be amazed by how much cleaning you can do while a casserole or chicken is in the oven.

When your meal is done, you’ll have a bit more cleaning up to do than usual, but the truly tedious work will be behind you…for the next few weeks, anyway.

Seasonal scrubbing
There are some kitchen cleaning tasks that just can’t be done quickly. This list would include cleaning the refrigerator, cleaning the oven/range hood and cleaning out drawers and cupboard interiors. One way to make sure these tasks get done on a regular basis is to link them to the seasons. Check your calendar for the date that each of the four seasons begins in the coming year, and make an appointment for some quality cleaning time in your kitchen. You can now celebrate the coming of a new weather pattern with a sparkling clean kitchen.

Your rental kitchen is the heart of your home, but you don’t need hours to keep it looking great. Follow these daily cleaning tips and you’ll look forward to preparing each meal — and you won’t even mind the cleaning that comes afterward!

Posted by: rositadlpz on October 17, 2013