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Introductions are in order!

Major's Picture of the sun setting

Yes, we took this picture from our home in the Hamlet.

          Hello South West Florida! My name is Jennifer Asselin, and I’ll be taking over the administration of the Malt Realty blog from December forward, just in time for Christmas. Currently, I’m renting from Malt in the Hamlet community near Mcgregor Blvd, just minutes from the Edison Home, shopping, downtown… it’s just a really good quiet place to live, in a great location.  Who better to update the blog than someone who has lived five years in one of their developments? I share the privilege with my husband Major, and my son, Major II, who just turned five in August. When asked to join the team at Malt, the choice was easy… sign me up!

Major II getting ready for school

In our wonderful courtyard, our son is ready for school.

     My husband and I have been married nine years and aspire to own a home someday. We enjoy renting, as it affords us some of the amenities we normally would not be able to enjoy, but we aspire for greater things as most families do and dream of a wonderful home to call our own. Malt has been so great to our family over the years, we decided to stay here in The Hamlet until we can find our own four walls, and of course eventually buy a property managed by them. Next to our community is the Mcgregor Reserve, a beautiful, sprawling, tightly woven group of Spanish tiled houses and oak trees. The neighborhood is simply gorgeous, and we can hope to one day own a home as nice as any in there. This time of year with the weather being so nice, my family and I often take walks around the neighborhoods, saying hi to people we recognize (which is many) and comment on things to come.

Ball park fun!

My family and I at the Miracle Base Ball game

     South West Florida has been very good to us, especially this year with not a single breeze from a hurricane, or a whisper of cold air, and I’m pretty sure we intend to stay here for the rest of my life. While I’m enjoying myself, I may as well hold myself to the standard of posting once a week. I’ll try to keep it real estate orientated, and as I find information that would further me on my quest for a beautiful home, I’ll post it here as well for you, the reader. I want a better interest rate like anyone else. Demographic is super important to me, as are relevant schooling within certain districts I hope to live in, traffic and crime rates, etc. Follow me as I look to Fort Myers as a permanent home for me and my family.

Coming up: Christmas light pictures taken in some of the Malt developments. Stay tuned!

Posted by: jennifercasselin on December 17, 2013