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Malt Saves Christmas

My husband and I woke up the day before Christmas eve with lots of plans and things to do, the last thing we expected was to have a broken washing machine to deal with. The smell of burning rubber filled the condo, and water gushed out of the bottom of the washing machine and in to the kitchen. We rushed to unplug everything and mopped up the water the best we could, and of course, called Malt Realty.

They sent someone out to take a look at it the very next morning. It turned out to be something pretty simple, an “impeller blade”, a small plastic part in the pump that draws water up and out of the machine during the spin cycle. The repairman said it would be easy to fix, but informed us that because of the holidays, it could be more than two weeks to get the right parts and get back to us. We asked him for a few addresses of local laundromats, and he was on his way.

I know its Christmas, so help me I know, but how can we go two weeks or more without a washing machine? We considered drop-and-fold, but had a bad experience with that some time ago. We could rent a washer, or bother a neighbor in times of desperation I suppose. In the end, I went to my mother’s house and did a few loads there for the holidays and hopefully that would get us through. Meanwhile, back at the condo, my husband had called Malt and told them about our new dilemma. Mind, you this was pretty late in the afternoon at this point, but we got ahold of the maintenance coordinator Gina right away.

Gina agreed with my husband that two weeks, or even one week would be too long and would have a solution for us by the end of the day. Sure enough, we got a call back from the washer repairman, and he told us not to worry, he was going to get there by Friday at the latest. What a relief! Sometimes you don’t know how much you miss something until its gone. Had we owned the condo, we would have had to go out and buy a new washer, or have it repaired ourselves, which as you well know can be costly. I felt like I could breathe again, and my husband was happy he could have his work clothes all in order for the rest of the week.

All in all, I had a quick answer for my problem, Malt Property Management found a way to make it right and get my holidays a little more stress free, which is how I like them to be. In the past I have had maintenance issues, and they all have been solved straight away. It’s good not to worry.

So in the end one of the great things about renting is that you never have to worry about maintenance in your home. You just pick up the phone and call your maintenance hotline and its fixed right away. At least that’s my experience with Malt Realty.

Happy New Year to you all



Posted by: jennifercasselin on December 30, 2013