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Just a few of my Friends

     I would like to introduce everyone to just a few of my coworkers.


      First is Kelly, I’ll start with her because she is my neighbor. Yes, my boss is my neighbor and no I don’t mind it. Actually I have been greatful to her on many occasions. Just a few weeks ago I was at the bus stop with my little boy and he was very thirsty. I was afraid to leave the bus stop because I didn’t want him to miss the bus and I also didn’t want him to be thirsty for the long bus ride to school. As I was sitting there debating if I should run back to the house and get him a drink and make it back on time, Kelly pulled up on her way to work. Every morning she stops and says a kind word to us. This morning I told her my dilemma and she said to me “ Go ahead, go back to the house and get him something to drink and I’ll wait here for the bus and tell them to wait”. As little as a thing it might of seemed to her, it meant a lot to me.

      Kelly has been with the company for 24 years as the Office Administrator. She oversees staff members in all departments. She also handles the accounting functions relating to property management among other things. She is a women of many hats. She has an A.S in accounting that she received from NHVTC, Nashua, NH. She is is a Florida Notary Public, has a State of Florida Sales Associates license and is a member of The Fort Myers Association of Realtors. Her favorite thing is spending her free time on the beach.

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     Judy is the realtor who showed me my home. At the time my son was in the process of being diagnosed with Autism so I decided to become a stay at home mom. We were downsizing from a house to a condo. She listened and understood all of our needs. She showed us a condo that was almost the same square footage as our previous home with an extra bathroom for a fraction of the price we were paying. So really it wasn’t like downsizing at all.

Judy has been with us for 18 years as our property manager. She is originally from Buffalo. NY and has been in property management and rentals for her entire career of over 30 years. Her excellent communication skills, exceptional market knowledge and education of landlord/tenet procedures have been essential to us. She is a member of Fort Myers Association of Realtors,  a Certified Florida Residential Manager (CFRM), has a State of Florida Sales Associates license and is a member of the FARPM/NARPM ( National and Florida Associations of Residential Property Managers ) She is married to a wonderful husband named Tony, has two yorkies named Chance and Charlie and one cat Cody. She loves the sunshine here in Fort Myers, expecially since she comes from the snowbelt of Buffalo. She spends her free times riding ATVs.

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     Rhodes is last but not at all the least. He has been to our home on several occasions in the last 6 years and thank goodness for him. A few years ago our hot water heater decided to break at night. We called the night hotline and he called us back right away. He was there bright and early the next morning with a new one ready to put it in. I don’t think we have ever experienced that fast of a reply and fix of something anywhere we have lived.

Rhodes has been with us for 17 years. He is the Maintenance Superintendent and Construction Project Manager. He has a B.S from Michigan State University, is a HVAC specialist, and has advanced electrical and mechanical knowledge. He has step kids and grand kids. The best thing about Fort Myers to him is the boating and fishing. He likes to spend his free time casting a line.

      These three are just a few of my wonderful coworkers. As you can see just by the years of dedication they have had to Malt Realty and the experience I have had with them on a personal level. They are some of the best people in the business. If I had it to do all over again I would rent from them in a New York minute.

Posted by: jennifercasselin on January 13, 2014