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Edison Festival of Lights

There is one thing we can look forward to all year, something that really gets south-west Florida excited, and that’s the Edison Festival of Lights. Tons of preparation and planning go in to a short period of time in February to culminate in the big parade at the end. Before the actual parade there are tons of activities leading up to the actual Edison Festival of Light to keep you busy and hold your interest.

Leading up to the parade is the Antique car show on the 1st, which is my husbands favorite. Lots of fun and outdoor activities and food, and of course, awesome classic cars. Look out for the original Model T’s!

On the 11th is the big Edison birthday party at the Edison Ford Estates. Literally tons of things for all ages, and of course you can walk the grounds of the Edison/Ford museum and see what it has to offer. This time of year its decorated so perfectly, all the local fauna is in bloom, and everyone is in high spirits.
On the 6th and 7th all day, you can head down to the bell tower shops and check out all the wonderful flowers that are indigenous to southwest Florida and the Edison Park area. The Periwinkle Garden Club really goes all out on their beautiful arrangements and displays.
Stay tuned for part two, where I will talk about the other events right up to the parade and what you can do to have fun around Fort Myers on the Parade Route!
Posted by: jennifercasselin on January 28, 2014