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Thinking of managing your own rental property… you may want to think again.

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Property Management: Why is it important?

My husband and I have rented over the years, it just fits our family model. We often consider buying something, look around, and stay renting for various reasons. In our ten years of being married, we have rented from some pretty terrible property management companies. I won’t name names, but there has been some horror story experiences we shared, and we never care to repeat.

  What does property management mean to me?
People watch over their investment, they spend tons of time and money, and utilize a certain kind of expertise keeping people, their valuables and their property safe and in great condition. The working order of things are hard to obtain for a novice, and owning something, and wanting to use it more than a place to live gets muddy. Think about it: It’s a full time job taking care of your house, if you own. The constant worry, the meaningful phone calls, the problems with renters if you have them, leaky faucets, roof issues, the list goes on. If you own a home, you know exactly what I’m talking about. To me, Property Management means one thing: Simplicity. Boil down all the things you don’t like about owning a home and renting it out as an investment, now take those problems, hand them to a company who is professional and trained in those matters, and never worry again.
 What is the new standard of living?
When you get home, do you extend yourself office hours… at home? Think about how much time you spend away from your job, and more importantly your family planning your investment housing. How do you know they will pay the rent? Do you think for a second that they might be late, and in that case, what do you do? Credit checks and arrest records can be expensive to obtain. The screening that you can do on your own may take a long time, and at great expense, all to find out they may not be the kind of renter you want anyways. Here is a “For instance”: Current renter moves out, leaves you high and dry with no rent for the month, things are broken in your investment, and the expense to fix the things will put you in the red. How do you advertise you need a new renter, and who do you find to fix the problems?
 In conclusion…
I look for these things now when I rent, and some day when I own a home of my own, or some investment property, I will be looking for them again in a property management company. Take a company with forty years of experience, certifications and qualifications of all types, and experienced people in the business, and use them to your advantage. Let someone else worry about the hard stuff so you can enjoy life and move on to the next thing.
You see where I’m going; Pick Malt as the only option in property management. I’m happy, I live here, and will continue to do so.
Posted by: jennifercasselin on March 18, 2014