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Tis our Season


Quick fact: 70% of all of South West Florida’s economy is dependent on something magical called, “Season”. Season is a period of four months when tourists come down from their respective homes, away from the colder weather and the snow, and put up lodging down here in SW Florida, where in the winter its rare to see sixty degrees, or storm clouds. Winter is our dry season after all, and we have to have one, considering it rains every day in the summer.

The beaches depend on this seasonal time to generate all of its revenue, and to drive business down the coastline. Native residents don’t really have any kind of excitement to share about this time of year because for them it means traffic jams, lines at the DMV, and horrible wait at the restaurants. As far as economy goes, we need this extra tax money to make our parks beautiful and our streets freshly paved. Double edged sword of the “Snow Bird” dilemma. My husbands parents are only here six months out of the year and call 1,000 Islands New York home. Better here than the bitter winters up there!
I digress. This time of year is prosperous for all, My husband look forward to the coupons in the paper and timing the beach bridges correctly, and are not hassled by it at all. As this season comes to an end, lets look back and reflect on this years adventures, strange meetings and happenstance, and look forward to next year for even better memories, that, and my husbands parents come back, and they aren’t all that bad.
Posted by: jennifercasselin on March 25, 2014