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Ready for a little history?

Downtown Fort Myers has been the hub of whats happening in Lee County for quite some time. more recently, the downtown area has seen a resurgence in popularity after the redesign and restoration of the historic district. Restaurants and bars like Ford’s Garage, Firestone, and Capone’s, have reestablished the rich south Florida history that is so strong here in Fort Myers.


Ready for a little history?
in 1904, a large dock and port of call was built on the water at the end of Monroe street. Local vendors, businesses, and general stores popped up in the surrounding area to take advantage of the local trade. That same year, the railroad was put in place, and the apex of those two events created what we know today as the downtown River District. The streets were paved, and three housing areas sprouted in to existence, one of which was Dean Park, known today as the Dean.
In the 20’s, progress was booming. Mcgregor was covered in its signature palm trees, and two very well known areas sprang to life: Allen Park and Edison park. Private homes were built by the people who prospered from the rail and river districts. Fort Myers School, known today as Fort Myers High School was built. Expansion, tourism, and land were evolving as fast as everything else, further improving the importance of downtown Fort Myers.
edison parkfort myers
The boom hit once again in the 1940’s, when WWII hit. Barracks and military housing were built, an Air Port was constructed. People enjoyed the luxury of great weather and prosperous growth until present day.
Posted by: jennifercasselin on April 1, 2014