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Why Malt Realty and Development Is the Right Choice For You! Part 1

handhouseMalt Realty and Development is one of Southwest Florida’s only full-service real estate businesses serving Fort Myers rental property management and home sale needs in Fort Myers. As a full-service Fort Myers real estate firm, with over 40 years of experience, Malt Realty offers:

How Do you Know You Have the Right Property Management Company?

Do your research before hiring a property manager. Your mission is to find someone who is organized, trustworthy and experienced.

What We Suggest

Get Referrals

Talk to real estate agents and other property owners in the area you are looking in. Ask what property managers or property management companies they use/have used. What have they been happy with? Have they had any problems? Many of our owners live out of state and rely on us to be the eyes, ears and hands on attention they deserve and receive.7K0A0947

Hear from some our current clients:

“We are very happy with Malt Realty, everything is very organized … top class!”

~ P.P. Property Owner, Cypress Landing

“Thank you very much for your very professional and complete report. Your staff is outstanding, continuing to improve our property and increasing rents. We are very pleased with your performance. Keep it up!”

S.P. / Owner

“I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with the switch to Malt Realty for my management needs. I opened a file titled “Malt” and look forward to having my affairs more organized at last. Financial accounting will be so much easier now. I really feel that we are now firmly in a new era and that my former management company is well and truly out of the equation. I don’t think I fully realized how bad the management was until I can now reflect on the past year and compare it with how smoothly things are running now that I am with Malt Realty. The regular monthly statements and early payments enable me to now base my financial planning on fact rather than anticipation! Such a relief that everything is running smoothly now. Thank you to all the team at Malt for excellent service!”

T.P./ Owner 

“Malt Realty is an excellent part of the structure that makes up the real estate and property management business in Lee County. Their professionalism is beyond reproach and their staff is friendly and helpful. I welcome their presence in any of the association communities which I manage because of the ease of work for our office due to their follow through and detail oriented processes. They perform their own screening process even if the association performs one as well. They educate potential renters, prior to move in, of the rules and regulations of the community to assure compliance and promote harmony in the community. If a concern should arise I’m confident that Malt Realty will address the issue immediately and correct the concern. I am happy to refer their property management services. Be assured you won’t be disappointed.”

Ryan Futch, CAM

SilverCrested Management, LLC ~ Association Management

* Unsolicited comments received.

 Check Out Their Current Work

  • Look at some of the property manager’s current rental ads. Are they professional, compelling and free of discriminatory statements? Do they advertise in a variety of places, or are their ads limited to free sources like Craigslist or community bulletin boards? We at Malt Realty and Development value our integrity and attention to detail to our clients. As you screen your property management company, we screen all our potential clients and residents to ensure protection for all parties.
  • Check out the actual properties they manage. Are the properties clean and well cared for? You can gather some great information by speaking to the tenants they currently manage. Because property management is about keeping you and your tenants happy, it is important to get their opinion as well. Hear from our current residents below.

“I wanted to send you all a huge thank you. Thank you and the owners for getting this maintenance matter corrected within a short period of time. Your promptness shows that you care about your jobs.”

K.W. / Resident

“Thank you for handling my maintenance concerns. You not only put my concerns at ease, you also took the time to make sure I was educated about this by bringing professionals to my home-even when I was unavailable!! Great job and well done!!”

T.B. / Resident

Feel free to browse our current properties at

Posted by: angelichin on December 3, 2014