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Why Malt Realty and Development Is the Right Choice For You! Part 2

In continuation…


Now that you have done some of your research, here are a few more suggestions to make sure you are choosing the right property management company.  We at Malt Realty and Development value our clients and residents in our growing southwest Florida and cordially invite you to become part of the family.

Check Their License and Certification

  • contractMost states require that a property manager/management company have a real estate broker’s license or a property management license in order to show vacant apartments. Here is the Florida state’s Real Estate Commission link to search for our active license.
  • Of course, you should also trust your instincts. Just because a property manager has paid money to take a class doesn’t mean they are putting into practice what they were taught. A property manager who doesn’t have the money for expensive certification classes may have more passion for managing your property. Therefore, you will need to look at the whole picture before selecting a property manager. With an open door policy, we invite you to fully investigate our credentials and be at ease in making your decision. Our passion is you and managing your property to the fullest extent possible.

Examine Their Management Agreement


  • The management agreement should clearly define the responsibilities of the property manager and that of the property owner. Click on the links to download our free Multi-Family Home Brochure or our free Owner Handbook.
  • Are the same terms you discussed during the interview included in the contract? Pay close attention to the sections on services provided, extra fees charged, responsibilities of the owner, compliance with fair housing laws, hold harmless clause and reasons for cancellation.

At Malt Realty and Development we welcome you to give us a call at (239) 936-1320, email us or visit us in person at 1614 Colonial Boulevard, Ste. 102 in Fort Myers, Florida.  We look forward to you joining our family.

Why Malt Realty and Development Is the Right Choice For You! Part 1

handhouseMalt Realty and Development is one of Southwest Florida’s only full-service real estate businesses serving Fort Myers rental property management and home sale needs in Fort Myers. As a full-service Fort Myers real estate firm, with over 40 years of experience, Malt Realty offers:

How Do you Know You Have the Right Property Management Company?

Do your research before hiring a property manager. Your mission is to find someone who is organized, trustworthy and experienced.

What We Suggest

Get Referrals

Talk to real estate agents and other property owners in the area you are looking in. Ask what property managers or property management companies they use/have used. What have they been happy with? Have they had any problems? Many of our owners live out of state and rely on us to be the eyes, ears and hands on attention they deserve and receive.7K0A0947

Hear from some our current clients:

“We are very happy with Malt Realty, everything is very organized … top class!”

~ P.P. Property Owner, Cypress Landing

“Thank you very much for your very professional and complete report. Your staff is outstanding, continuing to improve our property and increasing rents. We are very pleased with your performance. Keep it up!”

S.P. / Owner

“I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with the switch to Malt Realty for my management needs. I opened a file titled “Malt” and look forward to having my affairs more organized at last. Financial accounting will be so much easier now. I really feel that we are now firmly in a new era and that my former management company is well and truly out of the equation. I don’t think I fully realized how bad the management was until I can now reflect on the past year and compare it with how smoothly things are running now that I am with Malt Realty. The regular monthly statements and early payments enable me to now base my financial planning on fact rather than anticipation! Such a relief that everything is running smoothly now. Thank you to all the team at Malt for excellent service!”

T.P./ Owner 

“Malt Realty is an excellent part of the structure that makes up the real estate and property management business in Lee County. Their professionalism is beyond reproach and their staff is friendly and helpful. I welcome their presence in any of the association communities which I manage because of the ease of work for our office due to their follow through and detail oriented processes. They perform their own screening process even if the association performs one as well. They educate potential renters, prior to move in, of the rules and regulations of the community to assure compliance and promote harmony in the community. If a concern should arise I’m confident that Malt Realty will address the issue immediately and correct the concern. I am happy to refer their property management services. Be assured you won’t be disappointed.”

Ryan Futch, CAM

SilverCrested Management, LLC ~ Association Management

* Unsolicited comments received.

 Check Out Their Current Work

  • Look at some of the property manager’s current rental ads. Are they professional, compelling and free of discriminatory statements? Do they advertise in a variety of places, or are their ads limited to free sources like Craigslist or community bulletin boards? We at Malt Realty and Development value our integrity and attention to detail to our clients. As you screen your property management company, we screen all our potential clients and residents to ensure protection for all parties.
  • Check out the actual properties they manage. Are the properties clean and well cared for? You can gather some great information by speaking to the tenants they currently manage. Because property management is about keeping you and your tenants happy, it is important to get their opinion as well. Hear from our current residents below.

“I wanted to send you all a huge thank you. Thank you and the owners for getting this maintenance matter corrected within a short period of time. Your promptness shows that you care about your jobs.”

K.W. / Resident

“Thank you for handling my maintenance concerns. You not only put my concerns at ease, you also took the time to make sure I was educated about this by bringing professionals to my home-even when I was unavailable!! Great job and well done!!”

T.B. / Resident

Feel free to browse our current properties at

Farewell Friends

Signing Off

     Well its a been a good few months working for Malt, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end. I’m home schooling my son, who is sometimes a handful, and the time I use to teach him sometimes conflicts with the time I spend on the Malt Websites, Facebook and Blog. It was a tough choice to make, but for the betterment of my family, I’ve decided to step down as Social Media Director for the company.
     I still love where I live, and will continue to rent and enjoy the wonderful amenities Malt provides for me and my family here at the Hamlet. There has been times when my husband and I talk about moving, but with his career opportunities, choice of churches, and close proximity to the places we love, its easy to say we won’t be going anywhere for a while. Fort Myers is definitely our home, and when it comes time to move on and buy a place of our own, the experiences we have had with Malt have changed our preconceived notions of how and where we would plant our roots.
Malt Realty Color Logo (1)
     And so it saddens me to say, but I bid you a farewell, and for those of you that read this, keep reading! There will be more great things to come, and always check the Facebook and Twitter for any upcoming changes in the local real estate market.

Ready for a little history?

Downtown Fort Myers has been the hub of whats happening in Lee County for quite some time. more recently, the downtown area has seen a resurgence in popularity after the redesign and restoration of the historic district. Restaurants and bars like Ford’s Garage, Firestone, and Capone’s, have reestablished the rich south Florida history that is so strong here in Fort Myers.


Ready for a little history?
in 1904, a large dock and port of call was built on the water at the end of Monroe street. Local vendors, businesses, and general stores popped up in the surrounding area to take advantage of the local trade. That same year, the railroad was put in place, and the apex of those two events created what we know today as the downtown River District. The streets were paved, and three housing areas sprouted in to existence, one of which was Dean Park, known today as the Dean.
In the 20’s, progress was booming. Mcgregor was covered in its signature palm trees, and two very well known areas sprang to life: Allen Park and Edison park. Private homes were built by the people who prospered from the rail and river districts. Fort Myers School, known today as Fort Myers High School was built. Expansion, tourism, and land were evolving as fast as everything else, further improving the importance of downtown Fort Myers.
edison parkfort myers
The boom hit once again in the 1940’s, when WWII hit. Barracks and military housing were built, an Air Port was constructed. People enjoyed the luxury of great weather and prosperous growth until present day.

Tis our Season


Quick fact: 70% of all of South West Florida’s economy is dependent on something magical called, “Season”. Season is a period of four months when tourists come down from their respective homes, away from the colder weather and the snow, and put up lodging down here in SW Florida, where in the winter its rare to see sixty degrees, or storm clouds. Winter is our dry season after all, and we have to have one, considering it rains every day in the summer.

The beaches depend on this seasonal time to generate all of its revenue, and to drive business down the coastline. Native residents don’t really have any kind of excitement to share about this time of year because for them it means traffic jams, lines at the DMV, and horrible wait at the restaurants. As far as economy goes, we need this extra tax money to make our parks beautiful and our streets freshly paved. Double edged sword of the “Snow Bird” dilemma. My husbands parents are only here six months out of the year and call 1,000 Islands New York home. Better here than the bitter winters up there!
I digress. This time of year is prosperous for all, My husband look forward to the coupons in the paper and timing the beach bridges correctly, and are not hassled by it at all. As this season comes to an end, lets look back and reflect on this years adventures, strange meetings and happenstance, and look forward to next year for even better memories, that, and my husbands parents come back, and they aren’t all that bad.

Thinking of managing your own rental property… you may want to think again.

                                                                                                                                 Malt Realty Color Logo (1)

Property Management: Why is it important?

My husband and I have rented over the years, it just fits our family model. We often consider buying something, look around, and stay renting for various reasons. In our ten years of being married, we have rented from some pretty terrible property management companies. I won’t name names, but there has been some horror story experiences we shared, and we never care to repeat.

  What does property management mean to me?
People watch over their investment, they spend tons of time and money, and utilize a certain kind of expertise keeping people, their valuables and their property safe and in great condition. The working order of things are hard to obtain for a novice, and owning something, and wanting to use it more than a place to live gets muddy. Think about it: It’s a full time job taking care of your house, if you own. The constant worry, the meaningful phone calls, the problems with renters if you have them, leaky faucets, roof issues, the list goes on. If you own a home, you know exactly what I’m talking about. To me, Property Management means one thing: Simplicity. Boil down all the things you don’t like about owning a home and renting it out as an investment, now take those problems, hand them to a company who is professional and trained in those matters, and never worry again.
 What is the new standard of living?
When you get home, do you extend yourself office hours… at home? Think about how much time you spend away from your job, and more importantly your family planning your investment housing. How do you know they will pay the rent? Do you think for a second that they might be late, and in that case, what do you do? Credit checks and arrest records can be expensive to obtain. The screening that you can do on your own may take a long time, and at great expense, all to find out they may not be the kind of renter you want anyways. Here is a “For instance”: Current renter moves out, leaves you high and dry with no rent for the month, things are broken in your investment, and the expense to fix the things will put you in the red. How do you advertise you need a new renter, and who do you find to fix the problems?
 In conclusion…
I look for these things now when I rent, and some day when I own a home of my own, or some investment property, I will be looking for them again in a property management company. Take a company with forty years of experience, certifications and qualifications of all types, and experienced people in the business, and use them to your advantage. Let someone else worry about the hard stuff so you can enjoy life and move on to the next thing.
You see where I’m going; Pick Malt as the only option in property management. I’m happy, I live here, and will continue to do so.

Vacation Fort Myers

Another busy week behind me, I’m excited to catch everyone up on whats been going on here at home, and around Fort Myers, pretty much at the same time.
My husbands parents were in town, and they drove 2110 miles from Pearce. Arizona to get to us. It had been three years since they were here last, and had not seen their grandson except for pictures since then. Major, my husband, printed a huge banner to hang on our fence outside the condo, with a map and destination to welcome them when they got here. They loved it!
We planned a huge week for them, and one of the first things on our agenda was to go to a Minnesota Twins Spring Training game. Major got us tickets for the outfield batting practice, and my son was given two balls from a very friendly Orioles player catching balls where we were sitting. As the game started, my husband moved us in to the executive suites where we ate catered food and drank fancy cold beverages. It was a fireworks game, so we were able to enjoy them from up high, with the best view in the park. Overall, just an awesome experience that I would recommend to anyone. Fort Myers is home to two spring training Major League Baseball teams, and one in Charlotte County.
The next night, Ford’s Garage, a Fort Myers car themed restaurant-mainstay downtown, was having their second anniversary and car show featuring Model A and Model T Fords on a closed street. This was my first time inside the famed establishment, and I was very surprised with how it was set up. A full size model T car is hanging over the bar from the ceiling, everything is covered in Ford regalia and hammered copper. Even the bathrooms had gas pumps for sinks! We had a great meal, tried the Kobe burgers from the creat your own burger menu, and sampled different beers paired with appetizers. The service was great, and the atmosphere was unmatched.
After Fords we decided to tour the downtown area where the movie “Day of the Dead” was filmed a take a few funny pictures for laughs. We found some great art installations, historic buildings and landmarks that really stood out, and found our way back home as the night started to get a little chilly. For the record, it did not rain all day, stayed in the 70’s, and 60’s at night. Best weather imaginable.
The next day we made it down to Sun Harvest Citrus, and took on the tourist role, soaking in all things Florida. Oranges, juices, jams, fruits of all kinds, home-made candy, and fresh made ice cream abound. We had to try some of everything, especially the Key Lime Ice cream and the fresh squeezed on site orange juice. Later that night, we took advantage of my husbands contacts downtown and made reservations for dinner at The Firestone. Much like Ford’s Garage, and the same owners to boot, everything is themed after tires, old cars, wrought iron and red brick. The building is just a treasure for downtown, and dinner was one of the best I’ve had in recent memory. Our son had the flatbread pizza while we feasted on exotic cheeses, and some of the best calamari I have ever tasted. For the entrée’, My husband and father in law had the Ahi Tuna, I had the Filet, and my mother in law had some kind of amazing looking scallops.
We rounded out the week with other activities, trips to the flea market, and local shops, and made our way pretty much around the whole of Fort Myers. I’m tired now, but wow, what an adventure.

Sun Splash here we come!


This time of year its pretty easy to find a place to get some sun and see the water, especially in the heart of Cape Coral with Sun Splash Water Park.

Right in the center of Cape Coral we have one of the very few five-star rated water parks, owned and operated by the City. A few times a year I get the family together and we head down for one of their many events, discount nights, and concerts. Being a resident of Cape Coral, you get a great discount, so it really pays off living so close.
Sun Splash opens the 8th of March every year just in time for spring break, and typically each year they add new attractions, slides and areas of the park for all ages. My son is five years old, he really enjoys the kids area, packed full of activities, smaller slides and splash zones. For those that want to relax you can grab a tube and head down the lazy river which travels all the way around the park in a perpetual tide pool. For the thrill seekers they offer huge water slides, some over 70 feet in the air! Definitely something for everyone, food is pretty good as well, and the prices are very reasonable.

Sanibel Island

     One of the many great things about the Fort Myers/Cape Coral Area are the beaches, almost all are within a stones-throw away from wherever you might call home. One of the oldest and most well known beaches in SW Florida is Sanibel, and the Sanibel Causeway. My family occasionally goes out there as a treat, or when we have family in town, it being so different and original. The beaches are so white, shells are very plentiful, and even for Florida, it feels like another world.
     Sanibel Island, and the island next to it, Captiva Island, are both sandy islands that make up the furthest westerly portion of Lee County. You can get to Sanibel and Captiva by the Causeway, a series of small bridges strung together, recently rebuilt in 2006. 75% of Sanibel is still uninhabited , mostly covered by regional laws and preserved by state parks. One in particular, Ding Darling, is the largest island state park in Florida, and a great tourist attraction here. The rarest orchid in the world, the Ghost Orchid can be found here.
     Chain restaurants are forbidden on Sanibel, as are neon lights, signs, billboards and anything not “Island-like in appearance”. No, I’m not kidding! The only commercial dining on the island is a Dairy Queen, built there and grand fathered in before the laws were put in place. Roads are all one lane with, intersections are staffed with city workers who direct traffic, and wave at cars passing by.
     Before Sanibel was a tourist attraction and place to be when you want to relax, the Bailey family settled out there in the 50’s, and opened a small general store and bought some parcels of land. The only grocery store, movie theater, and hardware store is still owned by that family to this day, and most of the streets are named after them. Sanibel has its own light house, Point Ybel, golf courses, and country clubs. If you are interested in some truly different, give it a try. You wont be disappointed.

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